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CD and downloads can be purchased at CD Baby, Google Music Play,and iTunes!

Shades Of Blue

Whiskey Diet


Autographed CDs of "Shades Of Blue" and "Whiskey Diet" are available at shows, and this website only!

Or you can purchase both physical CDs and album/single downloads through  CD Baby

Shades Of Blue

Whiskey Diet

Sticker/Download and Download Cards are for the full album.
Avaliable at shows, and this website only.
Redeem downloads @ CD Baby

All sizes, styles, and colors of t-shirts are $24.    
Mike says,"Big guys pay small guy prices!!" 

We have fun ordering our t-shirts in lots of colors, so, if you don't find one in the color or size you like-leave us a message!! 

T-shirts are 100%Cotton, or 90%Cotton/10%Polyester, so allow for some shrinkage!

T-Shirts are available @ shows, and  this website only.

Mike will be happy to autograph anything you order off of this site. Just let us know what else you would like written on the merch, besides Mike's autograph! (Subject to approval-lol) 
US Postal Money orders, and sales in US only, at this time.

Sales taxes, will be applied, for orders being shipped to TX and OK. All orders will be charged shipping and handling fees.
Because our inventory is being sold at shows, our colors and size selections may vary.

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