Lyrics are important, but the stories behind the words are what keeps Mike Calaway moving. "It's all about the words! I really don't believe some new gimmick is going to give you longevity in the music world.", says band founder and songwriter Mike Calaway. "If I had to pick one genre for my music, it would be Americana. My songwriting tends to mix up the old traditional styles and creates an amalgam of folk, country, Celtic, reggae, blues, and rock and roll. Americana is a good category because we don't perform with just one style in mind. Crowds, and their moods, change from show to show. One night, it could be a fast paced, high energy performance, and the next night, it's laid back, with the same song being played with a totally different sound.
    In 2010, Mike released his debut album "Whiskey Diet", and the 100% acoustic CD is still receiving worldwide attention. The newest CD, "Shades Of Blue" is available, on our Merch page, at shows, CD Baby, iTunes.......

Mike Calaway-Vocals/Acoustic Guitar 


April 2012
Interview with TXRDR by Aaron Bentley

November 6, 2013
Interview with TXRDR (search Mike Calaway) by Aaron Bentley